National Conference on Import and Export & Preparatory Conference for the 111th session of Canton Fair, sponsored by MOFCOM, was held in Nanchang on February 20, summarizing China's foreign trade in 2011, analyzing domestic and overseas situation for foreign trade development, and making arrangement for trade in 2012 as well as the 111th session of Canton Fair. Zhong Shan, Vice Minister of Commerce and Deputy China International Trade Representative, delivered a speech on "Pressing ahead steadily, braving difficulties, and making efforts to fulfill the tasks for foreign trade set for 2012".

Zhong Shan pointed out that 2011 is the first year of the "12th Five-Year Plan", and commercial work is focused on the theme, seriously implemented decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, on the three tasks of maintaining growth, adjusting structures and promoting balances. China's foreign trade has reached a new high, China’s position as a large trading power further strengthened, and shares in global market increased. Initial success was achieved in transformation of the development mode, restructuring and promoting balances of foreign trade, trade balance kept improving, and the quality of foreign trade development was further improved, promoting coordinated economic and social development of China.

Zhong stressed that foreign trade situation in 2012 is tougher and more complicated, with more difficulties and challenges in work of foreign trade. The overall worldwide economic situation remains tough and complicated, with increasing instability and uncertainty in economic recovery, and there are still problems difficult to cope with in domestic economic development such as unbalances, inharmonious and unsustainable development, and there will be new challenges in maintaining growth, adjusting structures and promoting balances for China’s foreign trade due to the weak market demand, increasing global competitions and tighter international trade environment.

According to Zhong Shan, 2012 is a year of great significance to the process of the development of China. It is necessary to attach importance to foreign trade development, with scientific development as the theme, giving priorities to transformation of development mode, structural adjustment, and promoting coordination, keeping to the keynote of forging ahead, focusing on the three major tasks of "maintaining growth, adjusting structure and promoting balance", and working hard to improve policies, optimize trade environment and adjust structures. It is necessary to maintain the stability of the foreign trade policy, accelerate the introduction of relevant policies and measures, further optimize the internal and external environment of the development of foreign trade, and strengthen efforts to deal with trade friction to improve the level of trade facilitation, accelerate structural adjustment of foreign trade, and improve the quality and efficiency of foreign trade. The major tasks for foreign trade restructuring in 2012 and the near future are optimizing the layout of global market and domestic regional distribution of foreign trade, and promoting constructions of foreign trade transformation, trading platform and global marketing network.

Representatives from relevant departments of Central Government, departments directly under MOFCOM, commercial departments of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately planning cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps., China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, associations for foreign enterprises, and business representatives attended the conference.

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